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Nora Bendenova

My character’s name is Nora Bendenova. Nora is a blonde hair, blue eyed bundle of spunk. She’s your typical high school girl…cheerleader, straight A’s, president of a bajillion clubs…you get the idea. Her parents, Kim and Keith, are divorced, but they make an effort to be nice to each other for Nora. Her boyfriend, Max, is a couple years older than her and is head over heels for her. She does her best balancing school, cheer, and her super-hero life…..

whoops, I forgot to mention that part!

Nora is the local super-hero of her small town in Louisiana. She has several super powers: flying, mind-reading, super strength, teleportation, you know, the works. She reminds me of Kim Possible, but much cooler. Her one flaw is that she is horrible at controlling her emotions. No matter what, her emotions are displayed clear as day. She does her best to cope with this, but it can get in her way at times.


Stay tuned to hear about some of Nora’s stories!

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