Weekly Summary – the end is near!

As you all know, today is not Friday…oh well!

THE END IS NEAR! Only 2 weeks left until the semester is over!

For the final project, I’m working alone and am taking a more “practical” approach. I will be using Windows Movie Creator to create my story. It allows me to add video, pictures (visual and design), and audio all into one story. So, as its probably obvious, I will be using video, audio, visual, and design elements in my final project. I will be narrating the story myself (audio), while a slideshow plays with photos and small video clips or gifs play (photo, design, video) portraying the important, “must-see” parts of the story.

Here is a little written preview of the story line…


Nora Bendenova gets a call from the Russian Embassy to solve a crime for Russia. The Bandit has taken 3 hostages and is nowhere to be found. While in her hotel room in Moscow, she hears a knock on her door, opens it to find a small mirror on the floor. She looks down at it, sees her reflection and then sees it start to swirl...a sudden  beam of light shoots up to ceiling from the mirror and sucks Nora in...


What will happen next? Will Nora survive? You’ll have to wait a week until the final and full story is released! So, stay tuned 🙂

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