Third Module – Text Analysis (Post 1)

Last module!!

For this Methodology module, I have chosen to do the Text-Analysis option.

Computers are incredibly smart, but they can’t solve everything. When looking at a novel or long text, a computer can’t analyze the text for you. You can tell it what you want to look up and if there are specifics you’re looking for, but it can’t “analyze” the meanings behind these things you want.

I would like to find out which words are mostly used in two different novels. I plan on using Voyant Tools to analyze two novels, one I am familiar with and one I have heard of but have never read. I would like to see if I would be able to guess the titles of the novels based off the images or depictions. I know what should happen with the novel I am familiar with, but I am curious to see what the outcome will be with the novel I don’t know. If Voyant Tools does not give me enough of an analysis, then I will try using on of the other tools listed on DGST 101 – Text Analysis page.