Digital Polarization Project

My group had the question:

Does eating vegetables make men smell sexier to women?

When first hearing this question, one really does not have a concrete answer, they form an opinion. Even after researching studies and finding data on the matter, one can (and probably will) still form an opinion. 

Long story short, the answer to our question: possibly.

For my group on the first day, we each did a Google search just to find out if this was a “yes or no” type of question. We found out that there were studies done and data collected, but very little. The studies that I (and one or two others in my group) found – and they got a chance to write it on the Google Doc before I did. However, we all spoke together about multiple studies last class – consisted of roughly 45 men each. In one study, the men provided axillary sweat samples along with dietary information. The female participants then evaluated the samples based on several criteria. The verdict came out to be that the men who had a “healthier” diet,  those who had a greater fruit and vegetable intake had a more pleasant, sweet smell. Those who had a more carb-loaded diet had a less pleasant smell. This study was done by the Psychology Department of Macquarie University (in Australia) in 2017.

My main contribution to this overall was that this is a very subjective question, which resulted in the “possibly” answer. Even in the research and data, smells and reactions are perceived differently for each person.  What I think is a sweet smell, might not be sweet to one of my group members. The different criteria in the study that the women evaluated the smell on help try to eliminate the subjectiveness of this question. Even then, not everyone’s senses are the same, so it is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question.

I used points from the “Look for Previous Work” section of the WebLiteracy textbook. As most of the websites just re-explained the same thing said in another blog post on another website, I tried to find the original post.