Creativity Module (Post 1 of 2)


When I first started thinking about this module, I wasn’t sure what app or program to use that would be easy enough for me to understand. I tried HP Reveal and that confused me. It looked simple to use at first, but I guess I just didn’t give myself enough time to figure it out. I was then introduced, by a classmate, to Leo AR Camera which is really cool to use. It is SO similar to some of the Snapchat filters I have used. So i guess I have been using AR without even knowing it. I have made a few videos using Leo AR just to give it a try and I find it very easy to use. They give lots of options for what can be put in a video (different animations, i.e. a dragon, a unicorn, a dancing alien) so I have had fun playing around with it. I will be putting together my final product this weekend. Can’t wait to share it!!