This photo shows great Rhythm. Using a head shot that many times, each proportional to the next. It also has colors that complement well with each other.This flyer is pretty clear in which concept it displays…COLOR. No, there aren’t any pictures or cool fonts to go on it, but its super bright red color was […]

Design: a mental thing

After reading about Chip Kidd, I’ve learned that design is a very mental thing, and I can completely understand why. His comparisons using a speed bump really got me to understand where he was coming from. If the road was flat and all there was was a sign to the right of the road saying […]

Why audio is cool

I thought Moon Graffiti was so cool to listen to. It’s weird to think that the president had to have a pre-recorded message all ready to go in case Armstrong and Aldrin didn’t make it all the way through the mission. To me, I would have thought it was bad luck. But God was watching […]