Connecting DCs

For my daily creates this week, I carved a pumpkin, told about one of my best Halloween costumes, and said I would rather go 100 years into the future than 100 years into the past. (All can be found here:¬† Here’s my attempt at connecting them… Fast forward 100 years from today…how do you think […]

Radio Review

Great job everyone on their radio shows!! I was impressed on how well they were all put together. My favorite of the two that I was not a part of was “The Legends”. I like how everyone was intertwined with each other and the whole therapy session theme was awesome! I learned so much about […]

Radio Show progress Part 2!

It’s almost time for you all to hear our show!! Everyone has gotten their bumpers, commercials, and stories together (sorry mine was the last to come in team, it’s been a rough week). Everyone uploaded their pieces to Soundcloud so Maddie could put it all together (thanks Maddie!!!). It will be done before tomorrow night […]


Hey y’all!! Be sure to tune into DS106Radio after next week to hear our show, Myths, Legends, & Character Conversations. We’ll be telling each of our character’s stories and how they came to be who they are. You won’t want to miss it! If that isn’t enough…check out this really cool bumper sticker I made […]